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Quality matters, not quantity.
You can get hundreds of links for a few dollars.
But these days - Google will catch it and de-index your site
before you know it.
I know, I have been a victim several times.

Your lawfirm text-links will be displayed on dozens of law related sites. We add sites every month which means you will get new links to your site each and every month. The longer the links remain on sites the more solid its search engine ranking value is. The links come from sites on different servers and IPs. They are content sites, and most have a Google PageRank of 1 or better. All have lawyer/attorney/law in the domain name. This system has been available to our own internal clients for years with great results. We're not big, but focused.

We have served law firm clients since 1999.

September, 2012
Since we expanded with more sites and new servers - we now have capacity to add more clients on the system. For a limited time.  Are you a law-blog publisher? We invite you to become one of our publishers earning money from placing AttorneyLinks on their site. We are new, and very focused on growth. Apply HERE.


Step 1 - Create an account.

Click on Advertisers on the button bar above. Select Join. Create a new account. You can only have ONE account per email address/firm.

Step 2 - Funding.

You have two choices: deposit funds to the account to cover the amount of months you want your link(s) to display - or pay as you go.

Text-link brokers charge $18 and up per month PER law link PER individual site. We will display your link on dozens sites. Our cost is all inclusive - including displaying your links on new sites we set up. Text-links on these sites costs $55 US per month. Recommended minimum run is 6 months ($330). You can have multiple ads linking to the appropriate pages of your website. The links are very search engine friendly. We severely limit the amount of links on our sites, we are a smaller, exclusive "boutique" link provider and NOT a "link farm". We screen all users and ads.

Step 3 - Create a text-link.

Once you are logged in select Ads/New Ad. Create a title. For example: Medicaid Page. Fill in the form. URL should be complete:

Step 4. Create a campaign.

Campaigns are where the ads will be shown. There are a couple of zones to choose between and more are being added to accommodate a more razor sharp approach. For example, we have one zone now to get listed on Medicaid sites only. It doesn't get more razor sharp than that. Great "Link Juice".

Select how many months you want the link to show. Again, sometimes it takes weeks/months for all the search engines to crawl all our sites so we recommend at least 6 months. Pending on how you pay.... press Save. YOU ARE DONE.

Your link will not show until we review them. You will be notified when the link is activated. This can be almost right away or as much as a day away.

We review ALL new users and ALL submitted ad links.

For example, your link will show up on (at the bottom) but might not show up all the time. The links are sometimes rotated.

Please contact us any time with any questions or concerns.






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